Wonderful Wednesday

I'm in a break between my stamping groups.  I've already had 16 people come through, and there will be 10 more tonight.  We've already had so much fun stamping with the new colors and stamp sets, and especially going over the new catalog together.  I'm sure all you demonstrators are anxiously awaiting yours!  I can't wait to slow down a bit, grab a cup of tea or coffee and curl up after the kids go to bed and just go through it page by page.  A new thing that I noticed today, is the paper piercing tool is now an item by itself...YEA, and it's only 3.50!  Really Cool!  Also, there is a new monogram alphabet set that is beautiful.  I'm posting a few pictures of my stampers today, just because we had so much fun. I hope you can come next time.  Also, the picture of Carter is him showing us his excitement that the new In-colors come in Markers!!!  YEA!  Lastly, I'm sharing another sample from today.  The colors are the new Dusty Durango, and the Mambo melon. Stamp set is circle circus and teeny tiny wishes, and the Dusty Durango spotted ribbon. Plus, I used the new punch!  I love it all! I have loved having all of my stampers here in my house. It never ceases to amaze me how blessed I am to call this my job. I worked all day today, and I can say it has been loads of fun!  Not many people can say I worked and stamped all day!  Plus, I got to stay home with my baby, and he has loved seeing all the wonderful women come through.  Tomorrow is my kid's last day of school...I'm looking forward to that. I'm really tired of all the school work, and studying and projects and all that!  I already went through school once, and I don't like living through it again with my kid's! Have a wonderful night!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh, Ronda. I love your comment about going through school again with your kids. I have heard it from other parents as well. It made me smile this morning.
    Also, I really enjoyed yesterday afternoon immensely. Though I've seen tons of pictures of your family, it was wonderful to see them in person. Your boys are even more precious than they look in the pictures.

  2. Thanks, Carol, I certainly loved having you here! I'm so glad you could come.