Fabulous Friday

It's late, but I wanted to share with you my swap card for convention...Yes, I'm done with mine. That's because Tamie did them when she drove to Arizona and back. God LOVE that woman!  I have 200 of them to swap.  Today was another busy one getting ready for the Technique class tomorrow.  Lots of printing, stamping, sorting, cutting, and packing to do.  I think I'm finally ready. I have to go to bed, or I might not be able to form a complete sentence in front of everyone tomorrow!  Too many nights of staying up late, and when Eric is out of town, I just don't sleep well.  I have also scheduled my Classes to go for August 16th. If you're on facebook, you can see my complete album, and I'll post a few here.  I'll also try to get paypal links set up for them....after Saturday. One thing at a time. : )  They are awesome!  It's a great day. You can come make just one class, or two, or get the biggest bang for you time, and make all 6. My favorite is the Birthday Card class. Make the birthday calendar, and 12 cards so you won't forget again!  I'm also showing you a picture of the Very Thankful class, that one's good because it will also donate 2.00 for the Ronald McDonald House...what a great cause, so you should all plan on coming to the class!  Thanks for stopping by....will chat again soon!  By the way, I'm getting my car back tomorrow. It needed a new transmission, and radiator.  Thankfully, it's all covered by our warranty! I thought Hummer's were meant for rough driving! 
Stamped Blessings,


  1. Ronda,

    Just wanted to let you know that both Connie and myself had a wonderful time Saturday. We both learned so much. The demonstrators were great and did a super job and the book was a super idea.

    I talked to Connie on the way home and she was really impressed with how much that she learned from everything and how the day flowed so quickly. I like how you had the two tables going for the demo's it worked great for keeping the temp going.

    You talked about maybe redueing the first 13 classes if so you can sign me up because I would be interested and probably Connie also. August is already full for me. Let me know what you come up with.

    Thank you and all your helpers (Tamie) It is a lot of work to do but it really helps us.

  2. Thanks, Kathleen! You look GREAT by the way! I am going to redo the first 10....I just have to pick with the hall. Maybe next time, you could do a technique for us? What do you think?