Well, Won't my son be proud...I did this all by myself today.  I'm really excited because today starts my next scrapbook club, and I've opened up it for the day and the evening.  The pictures are one of the 2 page layouts that we're doing.  Many of my awesome customers don't like to drive at night, so this gave me the idea to open it up during the day.  We have so much fun!  I know my stampers will miss Erica opening the door for them and walking them out, but Carter will be here for them to love on a little.  We still have openings in both day or come join us!  All you need to do is put in a min. of a 25.00 order and you get your pages for free, AND you get to be a hostess one of the months and get all those benefits for free too!  My mother-in-law is here for a few days to visit with us.  She is going through Chemo to fight Pancreatic cancer, and I'm loving be able to take care of her for a few days.  She's going to make the pages today too!  One thing that we've decided to do is scrapbook once a month together so we can have some bonding time, and go over all her pictures.  What a wonderful thing that Stampin' Up! and paper crafting can yet again touch the lives of others!  I just got off the phone with Stampin' Up! and the Summer Love Rub-ons are on backorder, so for the Mount Pleasant meeting, I'm going to have to pick something else to focus on.  I think I'll choose the other colored rub-ons out of the regular catalog!  DARN, I just love the summer love one's!  The projects will still be awesome, I promise.  You can still RSVP to come....Saturday, May 2nd in Mount Pleasant.  We'll also be doing a shoebox swap to end the day. That's one of my favorite ways to stamp.  If you have questions about any of the events that I'm offering, feel free to email me:  Well, that's it for now!  I'm also going to post the inside of the Technique Booklet that we did last Saturday, so all can see how to do the pages.  Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine!  

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