Baja Breeze is MY FAVORITE!

These were my second set of pages from my scrapbook club yesterday. By the way, these pages and the ones from yesterday are exactly what we make at the class next Tuesday.  Anyone can attend that one, and make the pages for only 15.00 or put in a 25.00 order and they are free.  I have to say, this was my second version.  Right before the class started, I changed them.  I realized they weren't my best because Tamie didn't take a picture of them when she was here on Tuesday.  That's how I rate when something is good or not...if Tamie whips out her camera, then I did a good job!  I just love that Beautiful Butterfly die for the Big shot.  And, my FAVORITE brads are the jumbo neutral brads, they lay so flat.  On a side note...I think I'm going overboard with the Baja breeze...I just can't get enough of it.  Funny, how when it first came out I hardly ever used it, and now I'm going through it like water.  That was the change I made to the pages up top, I added the Baja breeze as the background paper, added a few more butterflies and it made all the difference.  Also...pull out your Orchid Opulence.  I have hated that color for the last 8 years, but's beautiful.  Can't figure out what's changed, but the colors are stunning. I'll post one of my card class cards later that we'll be doing next Tuesday using Orchid Opulence, just beautiful! By the way...did you want to see how cute my Carter is now.  This was from a week ago when we went to a water park during Spring Break.  He loved being there with all the noise, kids and it was so warm.  This weekend is Erica's dance recital, she can hardly wait!  Enjoy the warm weather God has blessed us with!  It almost makes me want to go outside and work on my flower beds....almost.....


  1. Ronda,

    You aren't kidding!!! What a cutie! I can't remember how much younger he is than Holden, but I still remember they were EXACTLY the same size! How big is he now? Holden is tall and skinny like his daddy - only 21 lbs. at 12 months old :) Hope all is well...

  2. I think he is just about 15 pounds now. He is almost four months old. So they are about 8 months apart. I just moved him to his crib...I had a hard time getting him out of the cradle in our room. Not because he wasn't ready, but I am pretty attached to him. Nice to hear from you!