Super Saturday

Well, the Mt. Pleasant meeting was awesome today!  It was the first time I left Carter with a babysitter, so I was pretty nervous about driving an hour away.  Sometimes he gets in these screaming fits, and just won't stop.  Both my older boys had tournaments, so Eric was also gone pretty far away.  But, it worked out wonderful.  Everyone had a really good day.  I'm going to post you pictures of some of the projects that were demonstrated.  Tamie did three of them, the sponging card, the black and white daisy card, and the GORGEOUS  little bag made from 3 top notes that she first ran through the Manhattan flower impressions die. was one of the most elegant things I've ever seen made.  Sherry Camp was our other demonstrator, and she made a star scrapbook... I will post a couple pictures of that also...beautiful, and not as difficult as it looks.  But, don't ask me how to make it...I had to pump while she was demoing it. She's going to send me measurements.  I'm planning on going back up to Mt. Pleasant in a couple of months. I owe my friend Wendy 5.00...I didn't get my walk in yesterday...darn!  Can you believe Mother's Day is next weekend?  My mother wants me to make a special journal, and I love the idea, and think I'm going to incorporate it into a class.  It's true, that everyday you should exercise your body, mind and soul. If you don't use these on a daily basis, as you get older you will lose them.  It's easy to see in exercising, if you don't do it regularly, then your body feels it, and you know you should do a little bit each day to stay in shape.  But, our soul and mind sometimes get overlooked. So, I want to create a journal where you set a goal to do something to exercise your body, mind and soul each day, and then use it as a journal for your day.  Simple things like cross-stitching, puzzles, reading, or studying can help us exercise our minds.  But, some days we need to set goals to do these as we get older.  My father, who works more with his hands, makes a point to do a sudoku puzzle each day to help his mind always stay working. And, I'm a firm believer that working on my soul each day truly is a secret to a pleasing and peaceful life.  BUT, we need to set goals to do these, otherwise we get busy and they get overlooked.  If you don't like to read, you can listen to music to exercise your soul, or talk with a friend about God and how he is working in your life.  Or just take 20 minutes by yourself to pray.  Going to church once a week is great, but just as if you only exercised once a week, it's not enough to stay in shape.  This journal will help you stay on track. Anyway...I'm coming up with one, so stay tuned to when I get it scheduled and come up with the sample.  I know a few days when I've done all three of those things, walked, had quiet time with God, and worked my mind, and they are some of my most wonderful productive days.  I'm off to cuddle with my baby, have a great night!

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