Wonderful Wednesday

Well, I think this is the first weeknight in about 3 months that my whole family was home without some sort of practice or game.  So, guess what I did... I cooked dinner again!  Two nights in a row!  I'm on a roll!  We've been sitting around watching Carter roll over all day today.  He is just so proud of himself, and he keeps doing it again and again. I took a cute picture of him to share with you.  Tomorrow I will be finishing the samples for the Shaker card class.  These cards really are the coolest, and whoever you send them to will be very impressed with you!  That's one of the main reasons we do this, right?  To be cool.  I need to run to the store and get more double stick foam tape.  That's what makes these more expensive, because you use a lot of that stuff, and it's not cheap.  Tonight, I'm posting you some of my favorite swap cards that I've got, and look forward to copying them.  There was no name on the back, so I'm not sure who to give credit to.  I'm also posting a picture of a little scrapbook album that I made out of the Scallop die, big shot, bella birds paper, and a fleurette.  Tomorrow I'll have another Shaker card to share with you.  Thursdays I also work in my office, but I don't get near as much done because Tamie's not there to keep me on track.  I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow, and thanks for stopping by! 

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