Carter's first day at Kimmie's

I did it, I just dropped off Carter at Kimmie's house. Erica has been going there for over 4 years, and she loves it.  He started to pucker and cry, so I RAN out of the house.  I stopped and got a coffee so I wouldn't be able to cry, and I needed the caffeine.  Now I'm home, ready to start stamping.  Tamie is heading over...THANK GOD!! Doesn't that woman know that these three week long vacations KILL me! : )  Yes, she does know, and I'm just joking. No one deserves a vacation more than her!  Although, while she was gone, she made me 195 swap cards, so technically she was still working. I have to tell you all what I'm working one...I'm excited, scared, nervous and following the lead of God's will!  First, I'm switching my blog to typepad, which will be up in about a week.  I'll keep you updated! Second, I'm starting a side business that I feel very led to start.  God has blessed me, I am VERY aware of that.  But, NOT in computer savviness, or in creativeness (yes, I can copy, and create cute easy cards), and I'm not blessed in being able to communicate effectively over the internet or use this computer to the fullest.  But, I am blessed, and He has given me a very special gift.  I am choosing to use it!  I love to train, motivate, inspire and teach about direct sales, and Stampin' Up!  I've been in the top 10 for 8 years for a reason, and I've learned SO much, and have lot's of experiences.  I want to share those!  My favorite thing to do is to work with my downline and motivate and inspire them.  Also, I've been having my son go to a personal trainer for a while, and I am hiring one of my own.  This is for exercise, of course, which I NEED help in!  Do I know how to exercise?  Yes, but not most effectively, and I choose often to NOT do it.  Well, that's why I need a personal trainer to hold me accountable, give me proper exercises to do, and to motivate me to keep exercising, and eating right.  I am going to start my OWN personal training business.  NOT in exercise, but in building Stamping businesses.  I will teach you, motivate you, inspire you, and make your job easier, and more effective. I will offer what NO one else does.  Training in business, but also stamping will be included in the package, so you will have classes, cards, and scrapbook pages sent to your DOOR each month.  Not in a computer waiting to be copied, but the real deal! My goal is to have everything ready by next week. Michelle Laycock from Laycock designs is helping me, and I have lots to prepare, because this is going to be organized, official, and I am bursting with excitement with what I want to share!  God gives you a passion when he wants you to follow something.  My personal business will NOT change.  I think you teach best by actually DOING!  I will talk the talk, and walk the walk.  This is why Carter is going to Daycare today.  I will need several days a week to make phone calls, do conference calls, one-on-ones, and lots of prep work.  Stay tuned....lots more to follow.  Pray for me! I need to start stamping...8 cards for tonight, 10 samples for Saturday, and 3 classes for my classes to go on August 16th.  Tamie has pink eye, but like the trooper she is, she is still coming. thanks for stopping by...I will have card class cards posted today later, or tomorrow!
Stamped Blessings,

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  1. Good for you Ronda!! I too have recognized your training skills since day one of meeting you. There is so much more than creating/crafting to the business; and you excel in those areas. The ability to be patient and communicate correctly are needed and required(in my mind)in this business much more in order to be a leader -- and you do have these skills. That is why I enjoy being a hobbyist -- as I am sorely lacking in those areas. But that's okay, I can't be perfect in everything "LOL". I can't wait to see what you have in store for your future -- that's what I love about you, you are willing to jump in and grow every day, even if it means going in another direction.