Marvelous Monday

I had a realization today....I have a 6 month old with his two teeth just coming in, a 5 year old, with her front two teeth really wiggly and ready to come out, a 12 year old with an orthodontist appt. next week to get braces, and a 15 year old still waiting for one of his teeth to come in and talking about Wisdom teeth removal already....BOY, what a span of teeth dilemna's!  Last night I had a wonderful mini camp at Nichole's house.  We did 5 cards for 5.00. Anyone wanting to schedule one of their own private card class is the time to do so!  I also waive the fee if they spend over 30.00.  LOT's of Fun! Here are two of the five cards that we made last night.  Today is the final day to RSVP and pay for Saturday's event to get the 25.00 early bird price and guarantee your spot.  After that it will be on while supplies last, and 30.00 at the door!  Today is also the final day to RSVP for tomorrow's card class!  I'm busy today taking RSVP's, so I'm ready for yours!!  We have 10 awesome techniques and presenters!  Hope you can come.  (There is a link on this blog to pay.)  My two boys and Eric are leaving tomorrow for yet ANOTHER tournament.  This one was kind of a surprise, as Andrew got asked to play on a team for their National tournament, so our basketball season has been extended a little further.  Since I have lots to get ready for I'm staying home with the two little ones.  It should be quiet, but I should get lots of work done.  Tomorrow will be a tough day for me, everyone say prayers.  I have to take Carter to daycare for the first time.  I hate to have him go, but I need to start working more efficiently, and he needs to get some social outlet.  He is pretty attached to his Mom,  And his Mom is pretty attached to him! I'll be sharing card class cards this week.  Stop back by soon! 
Stamped Blessings, 

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