Happy Birthday, Ryan

Today is my son's birthday...He is such a special boy.  From a very young age he has had to struggle with so much, and God has preformed miracles in his life, over an over again. He is truly blessed with an amazing athletic talent!  So, today, he wants to play Spades with his Mom and Brother, and he wants Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner (YEA!! I don't have to cook!)  Last night's first Christmas stack of the season was a huge success. We had 20 people there, making 20 cards each, so I had to cut for over 400 cards!  Without Tamie!!  Needless to say my stamp room is a wreck, and I have to get it in some sort of order before Tamie gets here next week, or I'm in some serious trouble.  I plan on having one of these classes each month before December (different cards each time), so you can enjoy getting your cards done a little at a time.  The Scenic Season stamp set was everyone's favorite last night.  I really like the little Dasher stamp from the 10.00 and under page.  Makes a very cute card, and I think it will make an even cuter tag.  Just a reminder....You'll want to sign up for the Technique time event on August 1st.  We'll be using LOTS of new products and you'll see tons of demonstrations!  Lunch is included, along with new product, raffles, and you'll make a 10 pages technique booklet along with the printed step-by-step directions.  Hope you can come!  If you pay by the 27th, it's only 25.00!  There is a link right here on my blog.  Everyone is invited! If you check out my first blog in May, there is a sample of what you'll be making.  Today is a rainy day...I love it!  My pool turned green while we were gone, so we can't swim anyway.  I plan on beating the boys in spades, and the loser has to wash the dishes, so I can check that chore off the list! Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Well doesnt one of them have to dishes anyway because of my last name?? lol.. love the pictures so cute.

  2. I forgot to tell you last night how much I loved your card designs -- simple to do but so elegant!! Perfect cards for stamp-a-stack (plus I will be casing your designs for my stamp-a-stack). Win-win situation again for me: got 20 of my cards done and new ideas for my business. Hats off and big thank you to the Queen of the RubberQueens!! Smooches and hugs.