Today I'm going to show you a few samples of the technique that I will be showcasing at the RubberQueen meeting tomorrow.  I know most of you have seen this, but it's ALWAYS the sample on my table that everyone picks up and asks "how do you do that!"  I've had a couple samples laying around lately, and they have gotten the most attention.  
1. Choose a bold stamp.  I like Upsy Daisy, and I really like the trees from Lovely as a Tree.
2. Ink it up in a lighter color classic ink.  (So saffron, creamy caramel, or sage shadow)
3. Choose 3-4 marker colors that coordinate.
4. Then thump about 10 times with each marker on the back of the stamp that is already inked.
5. Huff the stamp to remoisten it.
6. They stamp, and voila, it's SO cool!  
So, if you haven't demonstrated thumping in awhile, do it at your next class or workshop, you will get a great "WOW". And, have fun trying it with different stamps and markers.  
Have a GREAT day! Looking forward to seeing lots of you later in the week! At my new catalog open house, I will have packages of sample cards and scrapbook pages also for sale! 
Stamped Blessings,

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  1. This is one of my favoites also Ronda! I still remember learning this at your Scrapbooking Getaway Retreat in Clarkston! (Still have my mini album pictured above out as a sample!!) Speaking of Clarkston????? Oh, now that you mention it -- I was just thinking tonight (honest) about whether I am going to Convention or Clarkston. I think Clarkston is going to win this time -- believe it or not, I learn more from your retreats. But, Convention is SOOOOO EXCITING!! What is a girl to do?