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Well, yesterday was one of those days...Carter wanted to be held all day, and I couldn't leave Erica alone with him for a minute if I didn't want him to end up in her toy room in one of her baby beds or something.  Man...she was into everything! So, needless to say, I didn't get any stamping done, so I decided to share with you my Decor Elements.  Which I LOVE!  The laundry one took me about 5 minutes to put up, and that includes measuring.  Yes, I actually measured it! That might surprise some of you.  The happiness is in Erica's toy really is such a happy place to be.  I send her there when she's cranky, and tell her she can't get out until I see a smile on her face. I think I should have visited it yesterday.  You know those days when you just have this frown embedded on your forehead and you just can't seem to shake it, well, yesterday was one of those days.  I did get my walk in, and that made me feel so much better, I let Erica run the whole mile and she only picked up 5 dead worms, some weird bug, and 20 rocks that she kept in her pocket until I made her empty them.  I thought it might tire her such luck. Tamie stopped by to visit me, and gave me the new Daisy Die as a gift...I LOVE that woman!  I can't wait to make some samples to show you...maybe even today, because I WILL stamp today!  I assembled Carter's Exersaucer yesterday because I have to get some stamping done, or we'll have no make n takes on Saturday.  I've posted that picture too. No wonder most kid's today have ADD, did you see all the toys on that thing???  But, I have a feeling it will me mine and his best friend before long.  I had to take Ryan to practice again, and guess what....I avoided the water this time, but got stuck in the MUD!  Seriously, I might just leave stamping and join a mud bogging group somewhere.  I even took a picture of my car just to show you my was taken before the mud incident, but I didn't get a picture of that, Eric drove it right to the car wash and washed it off.  Thank God for my husband.  Well, off to my stamp room, I can't wait to share with you what I come up with...and what I decide to copy from Tamie. : )  

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  1. I so love the "Laundry" Home Decor, wish I had an empty spot in my room to have one. And great job on the play room!! It's so happy looking -- love the arrangement. I so love this product, and I WANT ALL 48 COLORS in the vinyl so I can make more of my own designs with my Big Shot. (Not that I don't love all the designs in the catalog -- just don't have enough money for all I want!!). Thanks for the pix!