Happy Mother's Day!

What a very special day....because Mother's are the MOST special!  I hope everyone of you gets to spend the day exactly how you want it. I have chosen to stay home today and not attend the boy's tournaments.  I'm taking Erica, Andrew and Carter to church, and then spending the day home enjoying the beautiful weather.  I wish more than anything that I could be with my own Mother, as she is my best friend, my soul mate, and one of my greatest blessings in life.  She knows I'm with her in spirit and heart.  I think every time we are together can be like Mother's Day. I'm posting you the reasons why I'm celebrating today...each of my kids in their sweetest moments, and my Mother with Carter. Also a beautiful Mother's Day card made by Jennifer Bradley.  My favorite thing I got today was a hand-stamped apron from Erica with her hand-prints.  What a priceless stamp that is!!  I wonder how much it would go on ebay for? Yesterday was a long day of basketball...I watched 7 games of basketball, and most of them the boys lost.  Andrew did win a 3-point contest. He hit 24 out of 25!!  That is phenomenal.  I guess all the time we spend in a gym and he dedicates to it is worth it. He goes to school at 6:30 each morning so he can shoot for 45 minutes even before school starts.  I'd like to take credit for that, but Eric drives him there each morning.  This week, I'll be doing lots of stamping getting ready for the three classes I have this weekend.  Take next Sunday, and come for a whole day of stamping.  Remember, you can pay for just the samples, and make it more affordable to take all the classes.  Shaker cards, punch cards, and Oval All cards....I'm really looking forward to it.    


  1. Thannk you Ronda for your surprise Mother's Day blessing. You ARE like a daughter to me you know. You have such a beautiful family and I love getting to know them better on your blog. The pictures are priceless (especially Carter and your mom asleep together). That's what Mom's are all about! Love you, and have a very special Mother's Day -- you are a very special mother! Sandi

  2. Hope you had a great mothers day those pictures are adorable! Carter is getting so big as is all the other kids! Hope to see you soon!
    love Melanie and Brett