Most people are very excited for Friday...usually I am too, but we're in for another busy weekend, so I am cherishing my few quiet moments before the kids get home from school and it all starts. Last night I crashed into bed after a very long of those nights that you don't think you'll possibly get everything done, but you eventually do...  Ryan had a "student of the week" project that we started at 9:00, and it was due the next day.  I'm posting it because I'm very proud of how the big shot was used, and made it very cool and very easy.  Ryan was proud to take it to school, and I know his teachers will love my use of stamping. They come to lots of my classes, so I couldn't just send in any old thing! Andrew had studying, both boys had practice, I took Erica to the carnival as it was the only time we could go, and little old Carter decided he didn't want to eat but would rather scream...and worst of cat pooped and threw up all over Andrew's room.  I was done cleaning it up by 10:30, and then my wonderful husband needed a little assistance "prepping" for his surgery he had today.  Yes, today was Vasectomy Friday.  He probably won't like me telling you all that.  But, I've always had flappy lips! All went well, and he's resting with a bag of frozen blueberries held close.  : )  So, needless to say, I didn't get any stamping done, but I am going to post you pictures of my upcoming classes. Don't forget to RSVP for the shaker card class and punch class, and Oval All class. You can do one, two or all three, because they are the same day.  I've added paypal links on my blog, or you can mail me a check.  These are only teasers, so you'll have to come to see the rest!  Shaker cards have always been my FAVORITE!  I totally copied the Oval All cards from Tamie Ackerson.  Enjoy the weather, it is gorgeous outside.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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