Our Blog buck winner is...

Sandi Dailey!  Just email me what you want for your 25.00.  Thanks to all of you who shared what your favorite technique was and for your kind words and encouragement. Looks like Two step stamping was the most favorite.  It's quick and simple.  Stayed tuned for other ways to earn Blog bucks in the future.  I'm posting our card contest winner today from last weeks meeting. Tamie Ackerson was our winner and she did the butterfly, and Manhattan flower card.  Black and white is her favorite, and I can see why!  I'm also posting two other ones that I loved.  Melissa Roberts did the Trendy trees card, which is simple and cool. And Lynn Schulz did the Butterfly card. I loved how she colored it to look like a real Monarch Butterfly.  I will certainly be copying something like that at our next card class.  Lastly, I posted another sample from the Shaker card class coming up on Sunday...we used Micro beads to fill in behind some chipboard.  I actually did create that one myself! : )  I also have to share with you a quick photo of Carter. He found his tongue this weekend, and he continually has it sticking out.  It cracks us all up! Today I started a new Bible Study that I will be doing with my neighbor, as I know it is so much more powerful when you do it with someone.  It helps keep you on track, and have someone to bounce your ideas off of.  We are doing "The Power of a Praying Parent"  by Stormie Omaritian.  I'm really looking forward to it, because as I have found out, when you are a parent in general, or even more when I have four, I just can't be enough for all of them, so I know I need God to protect them when I'm not around. I also just had Andrew start high school, and I feel like most days I'm sending him to a Lion's Den, so I love being able to do something that will really help and protect them.  I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I look forward to hearing from you!!

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  1. Oh my gosh Ronda, I had forgotten all about this contest!! I thought I had already won when you did the cracked glass technique at our meeting! Did I tell you I am putting all my techniques in a 6" x 6" album with the instructions next to the sample? Hopefully I will remember every-thing when I sit down and type the instruc-tions. I hope to have it done by this weekend before my scrapbooking class. I am so excited about these techniques and learning all this new stuff. I also love that you are posting the swap winner from your meetings with some of the other swaps -- they are gorgeous -- but I have to tell you: Carter has my vote to win! Now take that picture and make it into a card Missy. Thank you again -- I love winning prizes as you know (but then who doesn't). I'll e-mail you later. Hugs, Sandi