Time for some more blog bucks!

Okay, I have another challenge for all of you bloggers!  In the comment section, list 5 stamp sets that you think will be on the last chance list. You have until May 31st to post your comments, and then I will draw two winners!  I will draw a random winner from all who respond, and then I'll pick a winner from who gets the most of them correct, if there is a tie, then I will do a random draw from them.  I'm having a break between my scrapbook clubs, we meet in the day and again in the evening, so everyone can make it.  It's been so much fun already! We still have a couple of openings in our night session if anyone wants to join us.  I'm posting a few of my pictures from my upcoming class on May 31st.  If you are a demonstrator, you have until Monday to RSVP for it.  There are paypal links right here on my blog, with choices of the 75, 50, or 40.00 option.  Thats all for today, Carter is having one of those DON'T put me down days, and it's hard to type with him on my lap! See you tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, I'm glad I won the last time because this one is a hard one!! But I love contests, so I'm going to take a shot, here are my picks:
    Dreams du Jour; Garden Whimsy; Doodle This; A Beautiful Thing; and Simply Said.

    Of course, I refuse to write down my favorites that I thought would go -- putting it in writing would have been too hard. Can't wait to see what the other's pick!

    P.S. Melvin should not be allowed to enter, as Tammie might give him insider information because I know she talks to him about her Advisory Board meetings -- she has to talk to somebody!!

  2. I am thinking Simpbly Said, Embrace Life, Think Happy Thoughts, A Beautiful Thing, Short and Sweet. Although, I would hate to see any of these leave!!!

    I just hate this time of year. I always seem to own most everything on the Last Chance list and must start all over - though I must admit it is fun to fulfill a new wish list :)

  3. Susan Wohlfert5/26/2009 10:50:00 AM

    I'll take the challenge and here are my choices; You & Moi, Garden Whimsy, Doodle This, Stitched Exotics, & Puns from the Past.

  4. Wow, I totally forgot about the dormant list when I made my choices. So, I want to post a new list:

    Simply Said, Doodle This, Putt Putt, Polka Dot BG, and Two Cool Dudes.

  5. Here is my guess: Simply Said, Doodle This, Happy Heart Day, Big on Christmas, Bugs & Kisses