Scrapbook club and scrapbook class

Here are my pages for this month.  Of course, one of them we made last month, and then the other three this month.  You can make these yourself by coming to the Scrapbook class on the 28th for 15.00 or you can join our club! If you do, you'll get to be the hostess one of the months, and enjoy our fun.  Summer sure is tough trying to keep a schedule.  My boys are keeping me busy, busy!  Yesterday I went to Laser Tag for Ryan's birthday party.  Of course, I kicked those kid's butts!  I love running around in the dark, shooting at little kids and sneaking up behind them!!  This weekend Erica and Ryan are in a wedding, and then we're off to Fort Wayne, IN for a National Basketball tournament, and then, if you can believe it, basketball is finally done for a couple of months!!  Football starts in about 4 weeks, so we do have a little break.  Next Wednesday is my Christmas in July class!!  I'm so excited about it.  I'll post some of the pictures next week. I'm still waiting on my ribbon to get here so I can complete my samples.  You'll get a bolt of the new red polka dot ribbon in your class fee.  I LOVE all the new Polka Dot ribbon!!!  So far at the August 1st event we'll be seeing...faux Leather, Dry Debossing, polished stone, and more!! You won't want to miss it! Make sure to RSVP, and invite guests to come with you!  You and your guest will be put in a drawing for a 100.00 gift certificate along with other prizes! Their wishlist will be miles long when they leave.  There is a link over on the left to pay with paypal, or you can mail me a check. Have a wonderful summer weekend! 
Stamped Blessings,


  1. Great pages Ronda -- love the top one with the pocket. You do such great work on your scrapbooking pages!