Marvelous Monday

I got home from convention on Saturday, as you all know, and today I'm in South Bend with my Mom.  Most of you know that her kidney's are failing, and they are getting much worse.  She will find out tomorrow if her donor is rejected or not, and it's not looking good, so she will hopefully start dialysis in the next week or two.  She needs me, and I really need to be with her so I won't be at the RubberQueen meeting tomorrow, but I left it in the hands of some mighty awesome Demonstrators.  Tamie, Anne, and Melissa will run the meeting, and do the make n takes, and Melissa is going to show you a new Awesome technique that I have never even seen before!  I just wanted to send out a quick post to remind you to RSVP for the classes to go. Tomorrow is the last day to RSVP for them, and you can pay online using the paypal links, or you can give me a check at the meeting tomorrow night. I will be home on Wednesday so I can put my order in and get ready for the event.  Please say a prayer for my Mom. We know that God is sovereign and in charge, but it's so hard to see her sick.  I'm sure many of you have experienced this with your own Mother's. But, today with us here she looked wonderful, and was doing very well. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my Mother-in-law who is fighting Pancreatic cancer.  She needs a new catalog, and wants to see some of the Big shot dies!  I love that she is still stamping! Have a wonderful meeting...there is LOTS of fun stuff in store! I'll catch up with you all soon!
Stamped Blessings,


  1. Ronda, my heart just goes out to you during this difficult time. God is already answering our prayers by blessing you with the energy and strength to be there for your mom and mother-in-law. Be joyful and grateful during this stressful time. Why "grateful?" Every minute you spend with them will come back to you threefold in beautiful memories. Yes, there is beauty and good memories during this painful time -- which I know you will see & recognize because your cup is always half-full. We will of course miss you at your meeting, but this is where you should and want to be. Sending you a long-distance bear hug! Love, Sandi

  2. Yes Ronda I am sending my prayers also. God only gives us what we can handle and right now he wants you there with your family sharing your blessings with them. I am reading a series of books by Dee Henderson and I am in the 5th book The Healer. They are about to loose their sister to cancer. This is a christian based author and she shares the gospel and salvation in her books and is so encouraging. Life looks so different when we are right with the Lord but still hurts to see the pain in our loved ones as they go threw setbacks. I pray for the doctors and staff and that both mom's get the confort they need. You stay strong